Is It Dyslexia?


Is Poor Spelling Due to Dyslexia?

In most cases poor spelling is also due to poor phonics teaching, or the other problems (vision, auditory, attention or neuro-development) listed on this site.

Here are some spelling programs which I can recommend:

The Hornet Literacy Primer
This is my favourite spelling program for a child with difficulties hearing the sounds in English. It concentrates on sound discrimination more than any other program. E.g. One page contains: 'fat','that'; 'fen','then'; 'fan','than' so that the child can learn the difference between 'f' and 'th'. For anyone from 5 years upward or anyone with severe reading and spelling problems.

Apples and Pears
This is my favourite spelling program for a child who has no hearing difficulties. It is very structured and contains lots of repetition. It teaches spelling rules very thoroughly. Appropriate for any age.

Superphonics Spelling
A structured spelling scheme for children aged 5 to 7.

Stareway to Spelling
This book encourages a child to memorise the 300 most frequently used words. These words make up 75% of the text we read and write, so if you can spell these words correctly the majority of your work will be spelt correctly.

This book does not teach any spelling rules, and I would only recommend it as a last resort if you have given up on teaching your child to spell.

Seeing Spells Achieving
This books teaches a visualation technique to remember how to spell words. Very effective for visual learners.

The Word Wasp
Again teaches spelling rules very thoroughly. For children 7.5 and above.